COLD WAR 2 Erupts Online With A New Trailer

Film duo Sunny Luk and Longman Leung are back at it again, and with what looks to be a fully-amped and tumultuous follow-up in the new sequel thriller, Cold War 2. Leading among our cast are Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Ka-fai who starred in the first film as two Hong Kong deputy commisioners at an empasse following a terrorist attack and the kidnapping of five officers, and with much more to the story that ensued.

Resuming the storyline of Part 1, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Management) Sean Lau is hell-bent on nabbing the mastermind behind the kidnapping of the police van and the five police officers. 
On the other hand, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Waise Lee and his son Joe Lee are joining forces with the biggest mastermind of all, Peter Choi. The three of them plot against Sean Lau in an attempt to outwit him. 
The Hong Kong police force is in internal chaos. With those at the top turning against each other in the face of power, wealth, and prestige, what will Sean do to protect his position and the safety of his loved ones?
The sequel, arriving on July 8, follows the events, and obviously with plenty more at stake in the layer cake of intrigue, danger, and explosive action you can now sample in the latest trailer below. Also returning are Aarif Rahman and Eddie Peng along with actor Chow Yun-Fat added to the mix and commanding the screen quite appropriately.


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