Chung Siu-Hing's NEW ETERNAL WAVE Remake In Production Starring Aaron Kwok

Director Peng Wang is said to have left a mark in history with the release of his 1958 espionage flick, The Eternal Wave. That mark was eventually still felt when a ceremonious announcent was made early last year for the upcoming remake, New Eternal Wave, now underway as of last December.

Beijing's Nanhai Films is producing the remake with The Assassin (1993) and Mark Of Youth (2013) helmer Billy Chung Siu-Hung, whose version will reportedly differ in some aspects compared to the original. The film forsees the story, set in 1930, of two Communist Party of China agents who orchestrate fake a marriage in order to rebuild communications in the wake of Japan's occupation of Shanghai at the time.

Actor Aaron Kwok, following his latest rewarding performance in The Monkey King 2 3D, will be joined by Zhao Li-Ying, Zhang Lanxin, Simon Yam and Zhang Han with Ching Siu-Tung (Kung Fu Dunk, Naked Weapon, An Empress And Her Warriors), amplifying the action sequences.

The film is tentatively set for this year, but we'll keep you posted as more pictures like the one above surface. (Hat tip to Asian Film Strike)


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