Z Moves Forward With Jonas Cuaron Directing

Last summer, Lantica Pictures and Sobini Films announced partnering for a futuristic take on pulp author Johnston McCulley's 1919 swashbuckling vigilante hero, "Zorro". The project is already being shopped in the marketplace as of late last year through Pantelion Films and now we've moved forward with a director in the form of filmmaker Jonas Cuaron.

Cuaron will write and direct Z, the latest interpretation of the character in a dystopian futuristic reimagining. Production is expected to commence this summer over in Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios with Lantica financing and Sobini Films CEO Mark Amin producing.

Cuaron, who co-wrote father Alfonso Cuaron's Oscar-winning space thriller, Gravity, made The Hollywood Reporter's Next Gen Ten list of directors to keep an eye on. His latest winning festival favorite, Desierto, starring Gael Garcia Bernal, releases in the U.S. this Spring through STX Entertainment.



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