Yue Song's THE BODYGUARD Hits Hard And Fast In The New International Sales Trailer

Multi-faceted actor and filmmaker Yue Song earned some fair attention in 2012 with his freshman action feature, The King Of The Streets. Since then, the empassioned martial arts filmmaker, producer and rising star has been busy on a two-year production stint with his latest testimony in ground breaking, authentic and hard hitting action with his latest, The Bodyguard, and thankfully the film's festival and market circulation late last year has earned it some much-deserved attention for Song in the process.

Wu-Lin is the successor of ancient clan “Iron Kick”. After the death of his master, Wu-Lin left the village and go to the city to look for his fellow apprentice JiangLi. He turn out become the bodyguard of Fei-Fei, the daughter of the wealthy Li. A group of mobster led by JiangLi attempts to kidnap Fei-Fei, Wu-Lin failied to stop them and brutally crushed, but managed to survive. Wu-Lin took of his iron-shoes, and decided to rescue Fei-Fei from the mobster, and the truth behind the evil plan will be revealed.
As it stands, The Bodyguard (not to be confused with seasoned legend Sammo Hung's latest thriller of the same name hitting screens in Asia this April) is poised to lead the way for Song who hopes to achieve bigger and better, and his current trajectory certainly proves positive of that with martial arts star and actor Shi Yanneng (Wrath Of Vajra, Shaolin) in the role of the villain alongside Collin Chou. An international sales trailer has been mildly making the rounds online since late 2015 with Song ultimately hitting the American Film Market to help ramp up its sales, but you can catch it here in all its sheer, stunning glory in case this is your first time. Watch it right now, and don't blink! (H/T: Kung Fu Kingdom)


  1. Wow! That was bad ass & definitely hard hitting :) Wish they wouldn't use the same name as Sammo Hung's new film. But that was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for sharing!


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