Watch The Cutting Edge New Teaser For THE FINAL MASTER

Director Xu Haofeng's The Master is largely one of the most highly anticipated movies going into 2016 for cinephiles alike apart from its prior audience in China. Thankfully, United Entertainment Partners has that covered with a U.S. release for its new title, The Final Master, pending following its acquistion late last year amid festivals in this, its second China title following its initial release, Saving Mr. Wu.

The Final Master is a martial arts film set in a transformational time period in China before World War II. Based on director Xu Haofeng’s best selling novel, The Final Master follows a Wing Chun practitioner’s adventure to open a martial arts school in the northern center to fulfill his master’s death wish. He has to secretly challenge eight martial arts schools with his apprentice, but he does not realize he’s been turned into a chess piece within the power game in the martial arts community at the end of an era.
UEP has released a second official teaser this week, replete with the award-winning fight footage that surely levels up on all the deadly, award-winning Wing Chun action you could expect. The action looks absolutely splendid and you'll be wise to keep an eye out for its pending date this May.

Check out the new teaser below!


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