Trailer And Stills For Ensemble Indie Action Finale, DO THE DAMN THING: ULTIMATE

Couetesy of A Hateful 8 Production
Martial arts film junkies who've been following the indie scene online for the last several years may have come to know the folks over at Rising Tiger Films and the work they've been put out since 2008. One such labor of love includes the shortfilm series, Do The Damn Thing, a concept that gracefully branches itself to other creatives with Jabronie Pictures's own actor and filmmaker Fernando Jay Huerto succeeding the project several installments later.

Conceived entirely of a love for martial arts, comedy and run-on gags, all nine episodes of the Do The Damn Thing project don't necessarily thrive on linear storytelling, but a shared universe of characters that you ultimately come to know and love. From Edmond Shum's spilled soda and Leroy Nguyen's stained white sneakers, to Huerto's global misadventures with women and Asians named Andy, deadly nutshots and sentimental outros and Aerosmith in the background featuring the magical Sunny Smith going from this face to this face in just seconds, Do The Damn Thing stakes its claim as one of the most memorable and beloved projects ever to hit online audiences for today's generation fans alike.

Alas, I'm sharing the Do The Damn Thing series today as a heads-up for those not familiar with it since its conception years earlier. It's one of the best things you'll see with respect to action and comedy between two film groups who've been sharpening their craft ever since with their own respective projects, and the finale is finally set to premiere just in time for Valentines' Day with the tenth and final installment, Do The Damn Thing: Ultimate. Nguyen and Shum return along with Huerto and a handful of other faces new and familiar to the series including Anthony Noceda from Almost Good Films, Alex Chung from Eclipse Stunts, and Eric and Irvin Nguyen from Lunar Stunts Action Cinema...and someone named Andy. ;-)

Click here to watch the Do The Damn Thing series in its current standing as of this write up, and then check out trailer and exclusive stills below for Do The Damn Thing: Ultimate, and subscribe to the channel in time for its airing, and stay tuned for its addition to next Monday's Hit List right here on Film Combat Syndicate.

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