Toei's KAMEN RIDER 1 Rides Online With A New Trailer!

Actor Fujioka Hiroshi is back again this season in lieu of his forthcoming commemorative performance in Toei's upcoming tokusatsu feature, Kamen Rider 1. The iconic franchise, which spawned from its TV roots in 1971, turns 45 next month upon the film release on March 26 from director Kaneda Osamu.

45 years ago, a man named Takeshi Hongo was transformed into a cyborg by the secret organization, Shocker. He escaped to become Shocker’s greatest foe… protecting humanity and fighting for justice as the first Kamen Rider, Masked Rider. 
While dealing with Shocker overseas, Hongo learns that Mayu Tachibana (Natsumi Okamoto) — the granddaughter of his late friend and mentor, Tobei Tachibana — is in danger. Returning to Japan, he crosses paths with Kamen Riders Takeru Tenkuji (Shun Nishime) and Makoto Fukami (Ryosuke Yamamoto), who have discovered that Mayu is being targeted both by Shocker and a new faction of the organization called Nova Shocker.
Also returning to the fray is actor Osugi Ren in the role of Ambassador Hell, along with some newer costumes and spiffy set of wheels. Following two teasers, a full trailer has finally been made available and you can catch it below!


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