Til Schweiger Takes No Prisoners In Christian Alvert's TSCHILLER: OFF DUTY. Watch A Trailer And Clip!

Germany has a genuine action star in actor Til Schweiger, whose latest, Tschiller: Off Duty, presents the actor in glorious fashion. The film lays out a plot that spins off a character previously emulated in German cop series, Tatort, in which Schweiger now stars in the title role under director Christian Alvert, and a story host in locations such as Hamburg, Berlin and Moscow.

Following the events in Hamburg, Firat Astan is sentenced to life in prison in Turkey and Nick is suspended from duty for some time. He uses the time to look after his daughter Lenny. It is not an easy job, as Lenny is not able to cope with her mother’s death. Nick is worried that she may blame him for Isabella’s death. When Lenny doesn’t come home one day, it seems as though she has finally run away. Yalcin, Nick’s partner and friend, manages to locate Lenny’s mobile phone – in Istanbul. For Nick, a long and extremely dangerous journey in search for his daughter begins…
Fahri Yardım and Luna Schweiger also Stefanie Stappenbeck, Alyona Konstantinova, Özgür Emre Yıldırım, Eduard Fljorow Yevgeny Sidichin and Fyodor Bondarchuk also star. The film has since been released in Germany while it bares itself to exterior markets under the title, Nick: Off Duty. At any rate, hopefully this won't be the last we here of it, because the trailer looks astounding and brutal as does the first look clip now online.


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