Stunt Veteran Bruce Fontaine's BEYOND REDEMPTION Hits Berlin Next Week!

Courtesy of Action Lab Films 
Multifaceted actor and martial artist Bruce Fontaine has cut his teeth for some time now in the stunt field since the late 80's, with a resumé that rightfully lists itself with to Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Corey Yuen Kwai to name a few. Nowadays with his last known acting credit as Malcolm in the 2014 comedy, Hector And The Search For Happiness, Fontaine will likely be seen working the field as stunt and coordinator for various films at home and abroad while based in Vancouver producing films via his Action Lab Films banner.

For this, we bring you Fontaine's directorial debut, Beyond Redemption, which has since wrapped in late 2015 prior to touching base over at the 19th annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival back in October. Fontaine rejoins his wushu premiere, martial artist, stuntman and now debut actor Brian Ho since working under Fontaine's instruction on the set of Harald Zwart's 2003 teen spy romp, Agent Cody Banks. Produced by Phil Planata and Theo Kim for TGK Films, production started in 2014 with most of it shot during the year while further scripting, pick-ups and additional shots were done last year.

The film itself is currently being geared for the marketplace starting next week in Berlin with Premiere Entertainment Group representing the film internationally, and insofar welcomes its first poster art now making the rounds which you can check out below with a synopsis just beneath:

After successfully passing an initiation test to join the upper ranks of the Ching Tau Gang, undercover cop Billy Tong is brought in on a plan for a home invasion against a wealthy Chinese businessman that will give Billy the evidence he needs to bring down the gang and its ruthless leader, Big Brother Yuan. As plans are proceeding, Billy learns that his ex-wife is pregnant and begins questioning his career choices. Although Billy realizes the need to put things right and prepare for his new family, his checkered past as a police officer complicates his decision to simply be reassigned. 
Captain MacKay, Billy’s Superior Officer, strikes a deal with Billy that involves completing the assignment, getting the evidence they need on Yuan, and then having him reassigned AND promote him, and reluctantly Billy agrees. During the home invasion, the gang learns that their real target is a major Triad Dragon Head, Xi Long, and takes his daughter Tiffany hostage. Although Billy believes they are kidnapping Xi Long’s daughter simply for ransom, the reasons run much deeper. Xi Long is negotiating a major deal with a Middle Eastern arms dealer, something Big Brother Yuan’s is targeting for himself. After an exchange is arranged, Billy is told that Big Brother Yuan wants to execute Tiffany in front of Xi Long drawing a line in the sand that Billy is not willing to cross. Billy hides the girl and finds himself taking on all sides in an effort to do what he knows to be right in an amazing battle to the finish!
Also starring are longstanding Hong Kong thesp, Eddy Ko with a list of imports and Vancouver locals that include TV actor Osric Chau and actress Linna Huynh, actor and acclaimed stunt pro Don Lew, actors Darren E. Scott, Johnson Phan, Paul Wu and Samuel Patrick Chu, and stage and film actress Vicky Huang. Rounding out the cast are YouTube personas Peter Chao, The Chengman and Linda Dong while co-star Tony Towe executive produces with a script by Anthony Patrick Wong and Derek Lowe.

Much to Fontaine's credit, Beyond Redemption has already garnerned some worthwhile responses which are paving the way to produce and direct bigger and greater films in the Vancouver, British Colombia area. That said, I managed to screen a rough cut trailer earlier, and with the current goal of producing two to three films a year, Beyond Redemption looks like its setting its first time helmer off to an ample start. As for actor Ho, fresh off of performing stunts under coordinator Brett Chan on the set of Netflix series Marco Polo for both seasons so far, martial arts fans have plenty to look forward to in him, and his performance in the 2012 live-action pitch of the Square Enix/United Front game, Sleeping Dogs, is equally inviting.

Bookmark this one in your fanboy calendar and watch this space for more info!


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