Stunt Players Speak On Behalf Of Logan Cross's NIGHTSHADOW Kickstarter

The production of director Logan Cross's Cross The Line L.L.C. feature film, Nightshadow, still hinges currently on the hopes of a successful fundraising campaign via Kickstarter. Current stretch goal plans include a comic book branch-out marking the launch of Cross The Line Comics franchise based on said property which centers largely on a diverse cast of characters and a strong female lead to spearhead its martial arts-infused superhero vigilante story.

The earlier stunt concept, The Hunters: Betrayal, best serves exemplary for the kind of world Cross hopes to invite moviegoers to. In the meantime, the production still needs the bare minimum of $30K to help pay for the necessary weapons, stunt costumes and other props they need to help make this project a reality, and not for nothing either with several members of the stunt team behind The Hunters: Betrayal now sharing their on-set testimonies about each of their experiences with Cross, the promises that set Nightshadow apart from that of most of Hollywood, and why Nightshadow is just the kind of project that deserves to come to fruition.

Watch the testimonial in the player below featuring Xavi Israel, Ishida Sachiko, Tamiko Brownlee, Michael DeCamp, Harley Castro, Jesse Jacobson, Amber Lawson and Bradley Menyhert. After that, head over to the Nightshadow Kickstarter page now to learn more about how you can help.


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