Sanzhar Madiyev Slices And Dices In A New Clip From Saric Andreasyan's GUARDIANS: SOVIET UNION SUPERHEROES

Superhero movie fans as of late have been keen on some leaked footage from events over at the European Film Market for a movie long in the making, and one that's sure to garner more interest over time. Formely known as Guardians, the film in question is Guardians: Soviet Union Superheroes from American Heist helmer Saric Andreasyan with a script by Andrei Gavrilov, and comes at a time no better than now as staples like Marvel and DC already have their feet dug in alongside other properties like Valiant, Vertigo and Icon.

Set during the Cold War, a secret organization named "Patriot" gathered a group of Russiansuperheroes, altering and augmenting the DNA of four individuals, in order to defend the homeland from supernatural threats. 
The group includes representatives of the different nationalities of the Soviet Union, which each one of them have long been hiding their true identity. In hard times, they settled down to business and gather to defend their homeland.
The film completed principal photography between April and July last year before releasing a teaser the following month, thus broadening the chatterbase a little more from the lingustic confines of its own market overseas. For this, that very film has spawned a fantastic action clip featuring actor Sanzhar Madiyev in the role of Khan, a martial artist and windbender with enhanced speed and strength whose preferred weapon of choice are only of the sharp kind. Others to be featured in the film are a Werebear who can shapeshift and fight with any amount of burly strength he can summon on command, a multi-kinetic Earthbender who can manipulate rock and land to seismic capacity if he so chooses, and an aquawoman who can freely traverse through any level of water or any vacuum without oxygen.

This sounds like just the kind of superhero team worth waiting for if it's to take three years or longer to get right seeing as how Andreasyan has a true knack for showcasing some meaty visuals in his work, including Mafia: Survival Game which opened in Russia last month after selling to multiple territories, minus the U.S.. We may not have a trailer for this latest superhero feat just yet, but the clip below itself speaks volumes to the hard work involved, and with any luck, its international market push will see the film gracing North American movie audiences as well.

For now though, February 23, 2017 is when our Russian counterparts will be able to catch this, and if we're lucky enough, we'll be seeing this stateside on at least a handful of IMAX screens. The clip alone says it'll be worth it. Madiev joins actress Alina Lanina along with actors Anton Pampushniy, Sebastian Sisak-Grigoryan, and Valeria Shkirando who plays conquer-hungry villain to our team of emerging heroes. Watch the clip, and watch this space.


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