SAN ANDREAS Is Getting An Epic Sequel

I haven't been keen on director Brad Peyton's San Andreas yet, but I'm a little thrown off at the idea of destroying the same city for its sequel. Thankfully the direction here is far different with word that yes, surprisingly, that New Line is back in action with development of a follow-up to last year's hit with Neil Widener and Gavin James providing the script.

Dwayne Johnson and actresses Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario starred in last year's disaster epic which saw the story of an L.A. air rescue pilot and ex-wife work to rescue their daughter amid the chaos of a devastating 9.1 magnitude earthquake that rocked Los Angeles and San Francisco. The plot for the sequel is nil, but is said to place its focus on the volcanic and seismically active "Ring Of Fire" that extends  throughout the Pacific Ocean along the trenches of South America, the Western U.S. and Canada, the Aleutian Islands, Japan, The Philippines, New Zealand/Australia and Antarctica.

Johnson, Gugino, Daddario and actor Paul Giamatti are all expected to return. Johnson is also producing under his Seven Bucks banner with Peyton, and producer Beau Flynn for FlynnPictureCo.; the trio are also developing the summer's shoot for Johnson's forthcoming live-action video game adaptation, Rampage, with a script by Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condol.

Stay tuned.



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