RAMPAGE: PRESIDENT DOWN Scores An Explosive New Trailer

Filmmaker Uwe Boll hasn't exactly won huge favor among a lot of the film community apart from his own fans. He's achieved quite a bit with his currently-running Rampage franchise stemming back to 2009 with the first film chronicling the story of a small town man whose descent into madness compels him to arm himself and lash out against society.

I haven't seen the films yet myself, but judging from the trailers, it's pretty grim stuff and the sequel looks just as explosive, and so the demand for a third installment has been high despite several failed fundraisers, including a failed Indiegogo campaign more than a year ago which led to Boll's scathing condemnation of the film community and Hollywood in not one, but two personal vlogs. If you haven't seen them, watch them...he gets pretty personal, but all in all, he's since moved forward on his own means with the new threequel now slated for this Fall with Rampage: President Down (formerly Rampage 3: No Mercy), and we have a first trailer online for viewing.

Take a look below, bare in mind that this may well be the last film if this one flops commercially. Boll basically doesn't give anymore fucks at this point either way, but if you can support this film when it releases and want to, then do so. Basically. If ya wanna. Just sayin.


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