Warner Bros.
To each his and her own on the opinions regarding the full trailers for Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. I wasn't hugely impressed despite my own anticipation of the film as I felt they were more eager to showoff the DC Trinity more than anything, and frankly, I think WB should slow down before revealing too much.

Why? Well, honestly I'm driven solely by the hype that even though we're hinting at Wonder Woman from time to time, all of the much smaller promos have been focused primarily on the general basis of the film from its title encircling actors Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. The tone and overall delivery is quite exciting and with more than a month away from the film's premieres in late March, it's taken nothing away from me in just seeing the footage of Batman and Superman boil little by little until we finally see them duke it out before rewarding ourselves with Gal Gadot emerging into action as Wonder Woman prior to her own film coming soon.

That all said, I still can't wait to see this film and what it has to offer in Snyder's own Sophomore entry into the Warner Bros's DC Cinematic Universe leading into the Justice League films. It's going to be pure fun, I bet, and the latest IMAX poster (courtesy of USA Today) and final for the film tells me exactly that. Affleck's iteration of the Dark Knight absolutely shines in a new light all its own with some sweet looking action and purposeful moments that make Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, a feat to truly look forward to, especially for Batfans looking a few years onward.

This is how you sell a damn movie! Watch and observe all below!


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