More DEADPOOL Bits: IMAX Event, Reasons, Sequels And Such!

As if you needed anymore reasons to go and see Deadpool this weekend, the internet is pouring out the reviews and it's largely uphill. It's an R-rated feat that took a long time to happen and actor Ryan Reynolds is still on the battleground and promoting the hell out of the film like there's no tomorrow.

Yeah, film is pretty much selling itself at this point, but why not revel in it a little more? Flicks And The City has a new batch of interview clips with the cast and director Tim Miller which you can check out below. Also, MovieClips is listing 10 reasons why you go and see the film, and beneath that is a promo from an event in New York City with the cast and crew on why bigger is better...with IMAX! (I'm pretty sure the most obvious reason to see this movie among all is that it's getting a sequel, as per a new report from THR...just sayin)

Check it all out below!


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