Martial Arts Drama, SHILO Casts Kicking New Sales Art

Writer, producer and director Edwin S. Nichols III is has been busy on the sales trail with his latest feature film work, Shilo, since being acquired by international sales agent, Shoreline Entertainment last July. Their next stop is at Berlin after hitting up festivals in Miami, Sundance and the American Film Market, and in recent days, a new sales poster is now circulating which you can take a look at below.

The film is written and inspired by a true story which stars Nichols III as a lone drifter takes matters into his own hands when a bullish land developer threatens to foreclose on a camp for struggling children where he befriends a terminally-ill child. This will be interesting to learn more about seeing as how it was based on a real life event and with my own comparisons to films like Road House, I look forward to getting further insight about this project from Nichols III in due time. That said, the trailer below is just as intriguing I'm sure it'll get this film its deserved attention in the market place. Fingers crossed!


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