KINDERGARTEN COP 2: Dolph Lundgren Gets Snappy In The Newest Trailer

Director Don Michael Paul's latest follow up on a Schwarzenegger classic is now coming home on DVD this May. Yup, Kindergarten Cop 2 is a thing that exists for some reason while action star Dolph Lundgren appears to make it all work on several fronts.

In Kindergarten Cop 2, Lundgren plays Agent Reed, who goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher, this time to recover a flash drive with sensitive information that was stolen from the Witness Protection Program. However, in addition to dealing with a handful of students, Reed also faces problems with the school’s “politically correct environment.”
Bill Bellamy and Aleks Panouvic also star. Check out the trailer below from JoBlo ahead of its May 17 DVD/Digital HD release from Universal 1440.


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