Those of you still waiting to see Zombieland 2 will be happy to know that all isn't lost for its development at Sony, and Indiewire has more on that. As for its plot, nothing is known yet and you can only ask its writer Dave Callaham who has otherwise been keeping busy with his currently-brewing TV debut as of the last few years.

That effort, following updates from last November, now comes in the form of Jean-Claude Van Johnson, which will star none other than action star Jean-Claude Van Damme. The new action comedy series rejoins the two since the actor co-starred in the 2012 ensemble action sequel, The Expendables 2 for its franchise creator, Callaham, who is writing and executive producing the series for which its pilot has officially been picked up by Amazon.

via THR:
Jean-Claude Van Johnson will star Van Damme as a version of himself — a famous actor and martial-arts pro who comes out of retirement to resume his alter-ego: an undercover private contractor by the name of Jean-Claude Van Johnson. The comedy-action thriller will see Johnson's cover as the lead role in a reimagined action film version of Huckleberry Finn that lands him back in the midst of the danger he secretly always craves. It also brings him back in the orbit of Vanessa, his fellow operative and the love of his life that got away.

Key & Peele vet Peter Atencio, director of upcoming cat-tastic action comedy feature, Keanu, is directing with Scott Free Productions also backing the show's incarnation. Filming is expected to commence in L.A. this May.

Van Damme, a name that hardly needs introduction among action fans, is currently poised to appear in the upcoming reboot, Kickboxer: Vengeance, as well as its sequel, Kickboxer: Redemption with lead action star Alain Moussi. Also on deck is the long-awaited release of the action thriller, Full Love, a.k.a. The Eagle Path (formerly known as Soldiers), The Tower as of late 2014 with son, co-star Kristoph Van Varenberg, and any number of titles now waiting in the wings. Eyes open.


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