Gregory Hatanaka To Direct EXTREMES, Tommy Wiseau To Star

For better or worse, the Blu-Ray and DVD are now available for Cinema Epoch's Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, and you can read my review here if it suits you. The film sure meets the requirements of being just as horrible as the first one was, which is a good thing whether or not you're a fan of the films and there's no question that director Gregory Hatanaka has certainly done his part, especially with the casting of Tommy Wiseau who plays a Yakuza boss.

So why do we care about all this? Well, you don't have to but it matters anyway, with word from Bristol Bad Film Club that Hatanaka and Wiseau are reportedly teaming up for another film titled Extremes. The site posted the above graphic with plot details currently scant, but casting info that states the likely inclusion of previous Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance cast members, including Bai Ling, Nicole Bailey, Mel Novak and Laurene Landon, and a script from Hatanaka with a promise of “Besson action elements”.

Films like Leon and The 5th Element come to mind with a quote like that; save for the silliness from the latter, this could be something. Or not. Probably not... Either way, that graphic above pretty much says it.


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