Get An Explosive Look At The New BANSHEE: Season 4 Trailer!

Television buffs and action fans alike would be wise to appeal to Cinemax's fourth and final season of the hit series, Banshee. The show has gone strong since the top of 2013, and for good godamn reason at that with a sprawling and layered tale of mistaken identity, romance, crime and vengeance.

And at the center of it all is actor Antony Starr and actress Ivana Milicevic who have all but led the way through trials and tribulations and dozens of moving pieces, and plot twists seething with intrigue, danger and explosive grade-A action. If you love good television, Banshee warrants your attention starting now through its season premiere on April 1, here to set the record straight a bit further is a first look poster and featurette to get the juices flowing.

Watch and enjoy! (H/T Yahoo! TV)


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