FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 3 Gets A Worldwide Limited Release

For those of you keeping track, directing duo Andrew Lau and Wong Jing are releasing their latest, From Vegas To Macau 3 in select territories this Friday. Magnum Films Global has announced its participation in releasing the third installment of the franchise with locations in North America, Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, with dates and theater locations listed accordingly.


A grand wedding ceremony is being held at a resort hotel in Macau. It is the wedding of Ken’s (Chow Yun Fat) daughter, Rainbow (Kimmy Tong) and his protégé, Vincent (Shawn Yue). Ken’s close friends, Vic (John Chiang) and Mark (Nick Cheung) are also on the guest list. During the ceremony, Mark receives a call from his buddy, Michael Chan (Andy Lau), warning Mark that someone wants to kill Ken.

Suddenly, a strange looking “Michael Chan” appears at the ceremony and self-detonated in the wedding. Vincent and Rainbow have gone into a coma with severe concussion from the explosion. Enraged, Ken swears to get vengeance. Meanwhile, Interpol arrive at the hospital to arrest Ken and Mark as they find out the USD 15 billion dirty money of DOA has been deposited into their “secret” bank accounts. They suspect both Ken and Mark have embezzled the illicit money while pretending to assist in the investigation.

Ken and Mark are then sent to jail, where they are attacked by some mysterious mercenaries. Luckily, Michael comes to their rescue in the nick of time with the help of Kitty (Li Yuchun), the cousin of Ko Chun and Long Wu Jr. (Jacky Heung), the son of Long Wu (Charles Heung).

Ken’s head is injured, he wakes up to find himself at Michael’s home in Singapore. A beauty named Kammy (Michelle Hu), together with her boss, a mysterious tycoon, J.C. (Jacky Cheung) appear at Michael’s place to invite Michael and Ko Chun to his birthday party which is also a charity casino night. Ken disguises himself as Ko Chun to accompany Michael to the party held at the Paradise Island in Thailand.

J.C. wants to humiliate Ko at the gambling table by inviting the King of Mahjong, the King of Dice and the King of Poker to join in the game. Luckily, Ken is smart enough to crack all the tricks along with Michael, Mark and Kitty. Realizing that his tricks do not work, J.C. drugs Ken unconscious.

On the other hand, Michael, Mark, Kitty and Long Wu Jr. infiltrate into J.C.’s headquarters on the Paradise Island. They find out J.C. is in fact Molly’s (Carina Lau) die-hard pursuer and is likely to be the mastermind setting Ken up behind the scenes. Meanwhile, J.C. has brought the unconscious Ken to his high-tech lab to “visit Molly”…

The film is releasing synonymously with its Chinese New Year opening in Hong Kong and China. Head to Magnum Films for more information.


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