Ethan Hawke In Talks To Reprise TRAINING DAY Role For CBS, Smrz's 24 HOURS TO LIVE

Any chance you may have come across actor Ethan Hawke's name in recent history may be due to the fact that a small screen adaptation of the Antoine Fuqua's hit film, Training Day, is getting a spot on television in the months ahead. I'd call this a pretty momentous occasion now as it seems that word is now out that he's reportedly in talks to reprise his role in the new series for CBS, thus reuniting with directot Antoine Fuqua for the pilot.

Hawke earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the original 2001 crime drama for Warner Bros. in which he played a rookie narcotics detective assigned to his first day analysis by a seasoned and morally bent rogue detective, a role that ultimately awarded Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington. Fuqua is also producing with Jerry Bruckheimer for CBS who have ordered a pilot in which, if Hawke signs on, joins his character next to two new characters with similar clashing personalities but different ethnicities.

We'll be hearing more from CBS on that front while Hawke moves on to other ventures as well, including film with his current reunion with Fuqua and actor Washington among their ensemble cast for the upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven for Sony Pictures. From here and in keeping with the topic of films now brings us to his latest bid for the new action thriller, 24 Hours To Live. Here, Hawke will play a hitman whose employer temporarily brings him back from the dead to redeem himself following a botched job.

Thunder Road's Kent Kubena and Jonathan Fuhrman and Fundemental Film's Gary Glushon are executive producing from Zachary Dean's story based on an original script by Ron Mita and Jim McClain. The film will mark a sophmore entry for Hero Wanted (2008) helmer, veteran stunt pro and second unit director Brian Smrz whose credits include Face-Off (1998), Mission: Impossible 2 (2002), Live Free Or Die Hard (2007), X-Men: First Class (2012), Iron Man 3 (2013) and X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014).

Fundamental Films is fully financing the movie with Sierra/Affinity presenting the film at the European Film Market next week.

Tis' a good week to be Ethan Hawke, for certain!


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