EFM 2016: Oscar-Winning Cinematographer To Adapt Crime Novel, THE POSTCARD KILLINGS

Sierra/Affinity is out and about in Berlin shopping the latest from London-based production company Good Films, The Postcard Killings. For this we get twice Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski (Lost Souls) who shares up to 14 credits lensing Steven Spielberg's films, including the most recent pic, Bridge Of Spies.

Variety exclusively reports he's back in the director's chair once more, adapting the story of a New York detective and a Swedish art critic in Europe and on the hunt for a serial killer who leaves clues of his next victim in postcards. Author James Patterson wrote the original 2010 novel, "The Postcard Killers", with writer Liza Marklund who is also scripting the film with Tove Alsterdal.

“We were looking for someone who would elevate the project without distancing it from the genre," said Good Films founder Miriam Segal.

Stay tuned.


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