EFM 2016: Jackie Chan Has A Train To Catch In First RAILROAD TIGERS Sales Art

Action star Jackie Chan is currently in London blowing things up with filmmaker Martin Campbell for the tentatively titled action thriller, The Foreigner. In the meantime, things are slowly coming into fruition for his third stint with director Ding Sheng following their recent completion on the Shangdong, China set of Railroad Tigers which adds to four current Chan titles for fans to get excited for this year so far.

Releasing this October, Chan headlines with Kai Wang, Huang Zi-Tao, Fan Xu, Wang Da-Lu and Ikeuchi Hiroyuki rounding out the cast with a script by Sheng which puts Chan in the role of a railroad worker leading a team of freedom fighters against the Japanese during World War II. Golden Network Asia still bares its torch at the European Film Market this month, and accordingly, we now have our first look at an international poster for the film below, courtesy of Asian Film Stike:

In December 1941, Japan expands the occupation of its neighbouring countries to Southeast Asia. The railway from Tianjin to Nanjing in East China became a key military transportation route, heavily guarded by Japanese soldiers. Railroad worker Ma Yuan (Jackie Chan) leads a team of freedom fighters. Using his deep knowledge of the train network, he and his men sabotage it, ambushing Japanese soldiers and stealing supplies to feed the starving Chinese. Although the freedom fighters have no weapons of their own, they employ whatever tools are at hand, including shovels, loose railway track planks and diverted trains. The local Chinese call the unlikely heroes the "Railroad Tigers". The freedom fighters find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks when the Japanese send reinforcements to Shandong. In an act of defiance, Ma Yuan launches his most dangerous mission yet, blowing up a heavily-guarded railroad bridge. When the Japanese learn of the crippling plan, which will derail the war effort, the stakes are raised even higher.
Chan is still on deck for several more titles in the coming months, namely Skiptrace and Kung Fu Yoga. Chan can be currently heard reprising his role in Dreamworks's latest release of Kung Fu Panda 3, now in theaters.

Stay tuned for more details!


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