Daniel Zirilli's CROSSING POINT Gets New Artwork

Director Daniel Zirilli has a few films on par for this year that may garner the interest of action fans. One such film is the latest Luke Goss headliner, Crossing Point, which was acquired by XLrator Media last October. As of this week, the film now boasts new artwork which you can view below courtesy of Twitchfilm.

Michael and Olivia are Americans vacationing in Baja, Mexico when the trip takes a frightening turn. Olivia is kidnapped by a drug lord, who demands that Michael smuggle a bag full of cocaine--stolen from a rival cartel--over the border into the U.S. within 12 hours...or else Olivia will be killed. Suspecting something is awry, a driven Tijuana cop is on the trail of the missing drugs as well, sending them all on a collision course toward a breathtaking finale.
The film has a May 3 digital and VOD date stamped before a theatrical release the following Friday. A trailer remains pending so stay tuned!


  1. Sounds beyond wickedly fun if overtly familiar.


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