[UPDATED] Win An Exclusive IP MAN PRIZE PACK With Blu-Rays, Posters And More!

*This contest has expired

Director Wilson Yip has had a terrific run with actor Donnie Yen stemming from the 2005 release of S.P.L.. It helped spearhead the martial arts action star through a series of films spanning several genres through different directors with Yip contributing to Yen's further growth in the kung fu genre for the new millenium.

For this, the two broke the mold in 2008 with Ip Man and then Ip Man 2 in 2010, erected as illustrious heroic folk tellings of the once-living Wing Chun master whose life and legend capitulated much of the first part of the 20th century for martial arts enthusiasts. Upon further calibration after dabbling in superhero lore and MMA, Yen's adaptability to Wing Chun worked to his advantage making his as the most signature performance to date, leading to a slew of directors offering their own take on the legendary martial artist be it TV or film spin off.

Alas, for many a Donnie Yen fan and martial arts fan alike, there is only one Ip Man, and has been so since the premiere of the latest installation, Ip Man 3, in Hong Kong, Thailand and throughout Asia since last December. Yen returns for the title role along with actress Lynn Hung, action legend Bryan Leung and actor Max Zhang with former heavy weight champion boxer-turned-actor Mike Tyson with Yip back at the helm and Yuen Woo-Ping directing the action.

The film is still slated for release in China while North Americans will finally have their chance to catch Yen in action on Friday, January 22, 2016, and you can visit Well Go USA's official website for theater listings. While you're doing that, we at Film Combat Syndicate are hosting an IP MAN PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY that includes the following:

● BLU-RAYS of IP MAN 1 & 2 
● Collectable IP MAN 3 character mini-posters of Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson, and Danny Chan who plays Bruce Lee 
● IP MAN 3 Photo Book
All you have to do is send us an email at filmcombatsyndicate@gmail.com with IP MAN PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY in the subject header and answer the following triva question:
What martial arts style does Ip Man (2008) co-star Ikeuchi Hiroyuki hold a black belt in?
A winner (exclusive to North American residents only) will be randomly selected on Monday, January 25, 2016 with instructions on how to claim the prize. Good luck!


  1. I sure hope I win :) I am such a HUGE Ip Man & Donnie Yen fan & still need these movies in my martial arts DVD collection. Fingers crossed & thank you for doing this giveaway!!


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