Tran Ngoc Giao's MY DAD IS A GANGSTER Goes City-Side In The New Trailer

The Vietnamese map has shaped quite a bit in the past year or so with a number of titles geared toward either horror, comedy or action comedy, with the latter sticking much more as of late. Director Tran Ngoc Giau’s Tia Tui La Cao Thu (My Dad Is a Gangster) appears to lean more on the latter as the latest trailer indicates with a cast of various talents led Vietnamese-American comedians Hoai Linh and Viet Huong.

Highlights of tradition, love and family are part of the ingredient here for a fish-out-of-water romp about an ordinary family, specializing in traditional medicine, beset by money problems, the government, and city life in Saigon. There are many more details to convey but most of it is in Vietnamese, but the trailer comes English-subbed,  which is always fantastic.

January 29 is the date of its release. Check out a trailer and embrace the silly. (Hat tip to Phi Huynh for contributing to this article)


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