THE MONKEY TWINS Mixes Muay Thai With Peking Opera In The First Trailer

It's been a while since we've seen some mind blowing Thai action with the late great Panna Rittikrai serving as the most exemplary figure in recent history with credits like the Ong Bak series and his last work, Vengeance Of An Assassin. The same goes for his explosive 2010 work of action fanfare, BKO: Bangkok Knockout, which gave co-star and actor Sumret Muangput a little bit of screentime to add to his resumè.

Nowadays, you'll find Muangput sharing the stage with a number of titles reigning in on Monkey hype this year with filmmaker Nantakorn Thaweesuk's latest, The Monkey Twins. Actress Panyanut Jirarottana joins in with a story that centers on one man's mission to avenge his girlfriend's death, and as the story would have it, he's going to need all the Monkey training he can get to deliver his brand of justice.

Nope, it's not everyday you see Thai action that mingles Muay Thai with an essence of Peking opera. Needless to say, this one looks worth keeping an eye on, and Thai moviegoing locals will be the first to take a look among those across Asia when it releases on February 25.

The newest English-subbed trailer is now online, so sponge it all in until further footage is made public! *Special thanks to co-star Kazu Tang for contributing to this article


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