THE MONKEY KING 2: 3D Delivers Its Latest Poster And Banner

Director Soi Cheang's earlier efforts with The Monkey King was a huge box office hit in 2014 and a release in the U.S. is soon pending. Bearing in mind of course is the fact that some fans had their own disapproving opinions on it and so optimism on a sequel remained floundering, but the sequel is here, nevertheless, and less than a month short of its Hong Kong release in February for The Monkey King 2: 3D.
Featuring action director Sammo Hung's signature fight design, actor Aaron Kwok reunites with the director and now takes the lead in this inspired CG-laden epic based on Wu Cheng'en's Journey To The West, in a story that now pits our hero against actress Gong Li who plays the White Bone Demon. Both have been featured aplenty in character posters and you can view those here among others floating online, but you can now check out the latest official poster below. Click here for a first teaser as well if you fancy it.


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