The Late Project Itoh's GENOCIDAL ORGAN Lands Park Chan-Wook To Direct For Live-Action

Fans of Park Chan-Wook may be delighted to learn that he'll be reportedly directing a live-action adaptation of the popular novel-turned-anime slate, Genocidal Organ. The Tracking Board writes that The Sean Daniel Company who is producing the film, is the latest to finally succeed toward a live-action adaptation after efforts from the now-bankrupt Manglobe and currently-running Geno Studio now working on an animated project with Shuko Murase directing for release later this year.

Genocidal Organ takes place in post-apocalyptic Sarajevo where the detonation of a homemade device has marked the Bosnian captial ground zero for the remaining world's downward spiral into chaos and looming genocide. At the center of it all, a mysterious American man by the name of John Paul with intelligence agent Clavis Shepherd now tasked with finding him in order to locate the true heart of darkness: a genocidal organ. The novel was the debut work of author and sci-fi novelist Project Itoh who passed away in 2009.

The project has plenty of momentum with the acclaim Park has earned himself in the years since his three-part Vengeance trilogy, including his 2003 film Old Boy. Genocidal Organ will be one of several titles Park will be busy with as the months roll on with updates further pending. If you're not too familiar with Genocidal Organ, feel free to check out an earlier trailer below for Shuko's animated release now set for this year, featuring music by J-Pop band, EGOIST. It'll be interesting to see how Park's formula bodes for a more slick, futuristic tale with action here, methinks.

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