THE KING OF FIGHTERS Is Getting Another Live-Action Film Treatment, New Anime And More!

Think back to a time when there was once a live-action adaptation of the popular SNK Playmore fighting game series, The King Of Fighters... Yes, the one that Gordon Chan directed, and it's the one you probably had quite a mix of opinions over with friends online; It's worth noting that director Dwight H. Little's iteration of Tekken endured the same critical fate as well, ultimately adding to the skepticism behind whether or not beloved fighting game franchises were sacrosanct.

Alas, it took a fledgeling Mortal Kombat shortfilm to induce interest in a webseries and a likely feature film on top of what Machinima now has in its sprawling new Street Fighter series and movie fervor with director Joey Ansah to dissuade dissenters. So, the chances of bringing video games properly to the forefront of film is not entirely impossible! All well and good, and while it just so happens Tekken is getting its own remake in due time, news on that end will not be alone with the re-emergence of The King Of Fighters according to Tencent (via ANN).

The word forward from sources at Shoryuken is that 37Games have announced a forthcoming TV series, animated and live-action feature film based on the popular SNK Playmore property. The game shares roots in predecessors Fatal Fury and The Art Of Fighting with the first, The King Of Fighters '94, presenting a line-up of characters in a loose story that saw fighters taking on a black market arms dealer through the tournament. Later iterations of the game would involve new heroes and villains in addition to the villainous Orochi clan - one element out of several that would loosely culminate Chan's live-action feature in 2009.

Both adaptations will be geared toward markets in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia but will also have North American releases.

This is where the rest of us come in and start fancasting, so have at it! Who do you think should star and direct the respective movies and television series? Comment below!


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