THE HIT LIST - January 18, 2016

Believe it or not, I'm currently in the process of putting together two interviews. It'll take me a little while longer to finish them both in between tasks with one already wrapped and waiting for editing, but I'll do my best to try and balance out with the up-keep of content for articles...

As such, the Hit List is still priority and the stunt reels and action shorts now circulating online are all the hype and then some. Stuntwoman Milly Nalin gets things started for this week's new playlist of stunt demo reels along with Tom Cotton, Samantha MacDonald, James Mowat, Cody Mackie and Bayland Kippenkroger. The playlist finishes in stellar fashion with martial artist Shin Min Cheol, traceur Joel Eggiman, action actor Jerry Quill an action-packed work reel by Polish stunt troupe, Prime Fury, and an electric stage and stunt showreel by Réda Oumouzoune.

Next up is a little something in the trailer department I think will grab your attention just right. Director Claudia Fucigna is following up from her 2014 short, Swiped, having just recently made her presence known at El Cid Short Film Night in Los Angeles last week. Her newest action sci-fi thriller, The Stream, featuring fight scenes coordinated by Darren Bailey, stars Juan Riedinger as an underground fighter whose own brain condition unwittingly gives him clairvoyance, forcing him to decide whether his next fight will really be worth it. Time will tell when this one makes it online but I sure hope to screen it myself soon enough.

Check out the poster and trailer below.

The Stream (Official Trailer) 2016 from Claudia Fucigna on Vimeo.

Time to get fighting this week and there are a LOT of action gems to cover, and who better than seasoned stunt coordinator James Lew? Yep, he just recently kicked it with stunt players Anthony Hoang and Matt Healey to put together a little test fight of their own and that one comes first in this week's playlist of online test fights followed by Emmanuel Manzanares's latest collaboration with Micah Karns and Bryan Cartago, The Girl Next Door featuring Hector Soria and Miguelina Olivares, Rustic B's latest dabble wity stop motion fight choreo, K Dynamique's new Montreal Chinatown Throwdown, a bloody bathroom encounter in The Mens' Room from CBR Stunts and man of action Eric Jacobus back once again with a new Tekken testimonial as Lee Chaolan!

Here and now are a couple of playlists I think properly suit this article - even as I'm severely late on one of them!

The first is a playlist I've culmimated with two fantastic action bits and the first brings us to Slovakia for the latest from shortfilm director Lukas Teren, Pugil. Matúš Polakovič and Matúš Koprda go head-to-head in this compelling new action drama that centers on the illegal underworld of fencers. The fight itself is pretty intriguing as things escalate from a fair match to an all-out brawl before the police sirens sound off - makes you wonder what else there is to a story like that.

The second in the playlist hails from Canada's own Eunoia Creations with director Stanton Chong's latest violent mash-up, Star Wars Jedi vs. Mortal Kombat...because you never know one day when you're in a room with Tyson Arner, playing video games and he decides to whip out a damn Scorpion harpoon before someone drops a light saber out of nowhere, and then in comes Jennifer Li gettin' all sorts of crazycuckoostabhappy!

It's an insane bit, but you'll love it, rest assured. Kudos to Ken Do and Ieisha Auyeung for fatalizing everything!

Last and WAAAAAY far from least...I really had to share this as soon as I found it on YouTube. At first I thought it was a trailer for an upcoming shortfilm and as soon as I did some research, I then learned it was a webseries that came out in 2013.

The project in question is Fusion League, the story of one warrior's quest to fight for the fate of movement, and in this series you get to observe an array of different atheltic feats between martial arts and free running. The series comes from Adam Bradshaw, Sam Parham and the gang over at 3Run, and it came long before I conceived the Hit List - otherwise I would have found this sooner.

I'm only onto the first episode out of all nine with some more videos thereafter, so feel free to enjoy this fun little gem with me if you would like.

Catch last week's Hit List by clicking here and be sure to subscribe to all the channels you're introduced to. And, if you yourself have a stunt reel, shortfilm or something exciting in the realm of action cinema you think deserves a spot in the Hit List, send it over to us at


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