THE BODYGUARD Enlists Legendary New Character Posters

The latest teaser for action legend Sammo Hung's new movie, The Bodyguard, released on his birthday last week, and it was one of the best things to ever tilt this side of internet kung fu fandom. Hung is back with a roster of stellar cast members this time encompassing the story of a retired guard battling old age and dementia while forced to deal with seedy underworld henchmen operating on the Russia/China border to rescue a young girl.

Of course this means getting to watch Hung in his element once more, and so he goes with the film's planned April 1 release while we now have a new crop of character posters featuring our top-notch cast, with Hung and actor Eddie Peng, as well as Lau and young actress Chen Pei-Yan as the respective father and girl...and seasoned film thesps Yuen Biao, Hu Jun, William Feng and a one-sheet trifecta between Tsui Hark, Dean Shek and Karl Mak. Check them out below!

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H/T: @AsianFilmStrike


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