Take Aim At The New Trailer For Horror Western, KILL OR BE KILLED

Following its film festival run in South Texas late last year and the announcement of a new title and release date, the new horror western, Kill Or Be Killed, has a new trailer running courtesy of JoBlo. Longtime writing/directing pair Justin Meeks and Duane Graves helm this as one of close ten credits they share and rightly so during a seasonal change that hasn't let up on Westerns coming into the new year.

Claude “Sweet Tooth” Barbee and his gang of cutthroat outlaws – the most wanted men in Texas – are on a desperate ride across five hundred miles of badlands to recover a fortune in hidden loot from their most daring robbery. But Barbee and his crew aren’t the only coldblooded killers riding the range. With a large “dead or alive” cash bounty on their heads, the outlaws are being picked off one by one. What began as a hard journey driven by greed becomes a feverish race to survive.
It's fair to say perhaps its former title, Red on Yella, Kill a Fella, probably wouldn't sell hugely, save for its colloquial relevance. At any rate, the trailer sells it all at just over a minute and change and is replete with darkness, gore and all the right spices needed to invite westen fans to theaters.

RLJ Entertainment is releasing the film on DVD and VOD on March 1, 2016. Watch the trailer below, courtesy of JoBlo.


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