SPECIAL FORCES Fight Back In The New Trailer For Michael Chuah's Latest Action Comedy

Malaysian actor, martial artist and filmmaker Michael Chuah (Seed Of Darkness, Fist Of Dragon, Firefly) is back this year, and he's not resting up either. With as early as May set for his fifth producfion, his fourth is well on the way for a Chinese New Year release for his latest comedic offering, Special Forces.

Frankie Lee (The Journey), a.k.a. "Uncle Frankie" leads the cast with Chuah and a roster of familiars from Chuah's film resumé, including actor Brendan Yuen and popular radio host KK Wong joining in for a fish-out-of-water tale of crimefighters who may be way in over their heads. You can pretty much speculate how this plot will turn out and judging by the footage, you can assure yourself that Chuah will be dishing out some tasty martial arts eye candy you can enjoy in the process.

With the recent crime rate, a group of people decided to form a neighbourhood watch to patrol their small town. The people who formed the watch are mostly retirees, and are fans of action movies, always imagining themselves to be an action hero like their idol. Their chance to be a hero finally comes when a mysterious girl appear in their town to seek their help.
February 4 is when the locals can catch this one. Check out the trailer and stay tuned for more info when it arises!


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