Ready For IP MAN 3? Here Are A Few Lessons In Wing Chun

Star Wars fans may be eagerly awaiting action star Donnie Yen to get his turn at intergalactic action this December in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Nevertheless, Ip Man 3 is as much the hype these days with impressive box office returns in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore making headlines, thus validating how strong the Force is in other areas of film.

As such, we're still bound for a release on January 22 in limited theaters and Well Go USA isn't resting solely on overseas success to help sell. Having an idea here about they operate, their latest promo may be the first of several to roll out online featuring Yen in his element, and this time it's all about how to gun people down with sick Wing Chun fisticuffs.

Well Go USA has done a lot of these promos for Yen actioners, and they're pretty good at it. Start the player below and expect more as of this week.


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