Peter Chelsom To Direct WWII Book Adaptation, THE PALADIN

Author Brian Garfield has written a number of literary titles that have earned a fair share of acclaim in film and television, including revenge thrillers like Charles Bronson's legendary action classic, Death Wish and James Wan's 2007 adaptation, Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon. That said, if that doesn't get your attention here for director Peter Chelsom's latest on deck, I don't know what will.

Garfield's 1979 publication with co-author "Christopher Creighton", The Paladin, is set during World War II when Winston Churchill II sought to win the war through a top-secret program in which he would ultimately turn a 15-year old boy into England’s greatest assassin. Intriguing, yes, and the book has gotten some amply good responses from readers, which has since grabbed the attention of private production company, The Firm, last month.

As such, courtesy of executive producer Jeff Kwantinez, the film now has Chesolm (Shall We Dance, Hector And The Search For Happiness, Serendipity) on board following his current production on STX Entertainment's The Space Between Us. Eric Pfeffinger is scripting along with Jason Keller who will produce with David Dobkin and Jeff Kleeman, and The Firm’s Robbie Brenner.

H/T: Deadline


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