Mena Suvari Polices The Police In The New Trailer For BADGE OF HONOR

Director, writer and producer Augstin's latest crime flick can be expected for a DVD release on February 2. Badge Of Honor is the name of the new crime flick, initially filmed in late 2013 with roles played by actors Lochlan Munro, Jesse Bradford, and actress Mena Suvari at the center of a compelling new tale of one lawwoman's search to peel back the layers of systemic police courrption.

On her first day of the job, brand new Internal Affairs detective, Jessica Dawson (Mena Suvari), gets caught up in the aftermath of a violent drug bust that includes an officer shooting of an innocent young teenager. The facts, as reported by the two narcotic detectives, just don’t seem to add up. As she struggles to find the truth, the ramifications of a single lie reverberate throughout the whole precinct. Soon she finds she can’t trust anyone, including the precinct captain (Martin Sheen). In this gritty crime thriller that could be ripped from today’s headlines, it’s cop vs. cop in a deadly fight for honor.
Also starring are Natasha Henstridge, Hayley Duff and Martin Sheen. Check out the new trailer beneath!


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