LONDON HAS FALLEN Gets A Second Trailer

Director Babak Najafi appears intent on living up to the fervor left over from Antoine Fuqua's 2013 White House hostage thriller, Olympus Has Fallen. His newest, London Has Fallen, brings back Gerard Butler as he works to cement his way into action hero history as the next, less grumpy version of John McClaine, now tackling terror on the streets of London where a new threat looms.

Aaron Eckhart reprises his role as the American president everyone seems to be trying to kill these days, with actress Charlotte Riley in the role of a British MI-6 agent unbeknownst of who to trust amid the chaos. But be warned, terrorists! If you kill off Eckhart, you'll have to deal with the convicting voice of his Vice President, actor Morgan Freeman, who will rightly narrate your demise!

The film opens on March 4 in the U.S.. Check out the latest trailer!


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