JESSICA JONES Gets A Season Two Greenlight

The weekend has proven quite eventful with the news Netflix is making these days. The past few years have benefitted them greatly with the respective first seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones with at least three shows in tow before word broke of Jon Bernthal's return for his own Punisher spin-off gig on Saturday.

Prior to all this, a second season for Jessica Jones wasn't fully set in stone late last year which still didn't wane any curiousity among fans hungry for more. Well, now we have news circling the web that season two of the hit show has, in fact, been greenlit for development with actress Krysten Ritter to star.

Created by Melissa Rosenberg, the first season featured Ritter in the title role of a alcoholic and recovering superhero now working as a P.I., forced to confront her past when, Kilgrave, an evil brainsweeper, resurfaces. The show shares the same universe as its other companion programs, in addition to co-starring actor Mike Colter who will lead upcoming series, Luke Cage in late 2016.

This probably means Luke Cage and Iron Fist will all get second season orders leading up to or after The Defenders, but time will tell. It's only fair, right?

Stay tuned for more info!


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