Jeon Pil-Jin's Drama, KKANGCHI Brings The Pain In The New Trailer

Director Jeon Pil-jin's latest, Kkangchi, is ready to leave its mark in 2016. Formerly titled "After School" new trailer has surfaced and it looks like a slow-burn coming of age featuee is what we're in for with quite a few punches thrown amid some of the chaos and boiling drama.

Hyeong-soo, a member of the school's top Judo team, has to give up as a result of his father who does not care about him. With his best friends Jin-ho and Seong-rok, he comes to a decision to start fresh, yet the total thing starts falling apart when he meets the college bully Jin-gyu. In the end, Hyeong-soo decides to transform the faculty gangster and compensate his past. He loses everything from circle of relatives to guests and everything of his he idea helpful the more he fills his passion. He regrets what he is done and tries to turn everything back around.
Son Woo-hyeok, Kwon Yu-jin, Park Jeong-soo-II, Ahn Sang-il, Kim Tae-hyeon-I, Kim Chae-geun round out the cast. Check out the latest trailer below.


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