[UPDATED] It's All A Blur For Iko Uwais In The New HEADSHOT Teaser Poster

Still carry a flame burning brightly for Indonesian action cinema? I'll tell you that paying attention to the Mo Brothers in the following year will certainly be to your benefit.

Yes, Timo Tjahanto and Kimo Stamboel are back and ready to impress with action star Iko Uwais of Merantau and The Raid franchise fame leading the way for Headshot. As the story goes, Uwais plays an amnesiac who gets treated by a nurse and ends up in a deadly clash with his violent past as a result.

The film is a debut effort for Uwais and his own creative hive, Uwais Team with a cast that includes Chelsea Islan, Julie Estelle and Very Tri Yulisman with Singapore action star Sunny Pang front and center as the villain. You can catch a few glimpses of him below and just beneath the very first slate of teaser posters of Uwais, Estelle and select cast members all in a pure blur that is all the more exciting in conjunction with the premise.

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The film is still within its stages of production and a teaser should be on the way soon enough. That said, if you're not at all sure about how tame this movie is going to be, then clearly you haven't seen horror thrillers Killers or Macabre, because neither Mo Bro are known to be tame, and that'll still unlikely be the case for Macabre 2 when it starts rolling cameras.

Watch this space.


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