Guillermo Del Toro Quells Fans' Woes With PACIFIC RIM 2 Hopes

Director Guillermo Del Toro is currently tapped to direct an adaptation of the 1967 medical thriller, Fantastic Voyage for 20th Century Fox as of news last week. That said, the update brought preceding concerns regarding whether or not Del Toro would be able to move forward with the long-awaited Pacific Rim 2, a sequel to the Jaeger V. Kaiju monster cult hit.

Essentially, the word was that the film, previously clocked for an April 2017 date, was canned or otherwise indefinitely shelved. Devastating, yes. But fear not, for it took but a tweet from the man himself to set the record straight:

Don't get me wrong. Personally I'm not letting up on Hellboy 3, and I hope actor Ron Perlman hasn't either. Nonetheless, I'm glad this one issue is settled for now. I love a good monster battle.

Lead the way, Del Toro!


  1. I want Del toro to do more scary R rated Spanish language stuff.. Pans Labyrinth is my favorite work of his by far & wish he'd return to that fantasy world vibe. Fantastic Voyage better feature the Bowie song of the same name! RIP David Bowie!!

    1. Personally I prefer he just direct Hellboy 3 already lol. The fans want it, I want it, Ron is on record wanting it and Del Toro is teasing it to Comic Con. Please GDT, make it so! :-D


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