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Martial artist and actor Alain Moussi will be making his feature debut later this year in Kickboxer: Vengeance from director John Stockwell. Before then, he will be making his online serial debut for the new digital miniseries, Street Fighter: Resurrection, which is premiering in March on go90 from Machinima.

The series premieres in tow with the release of the forthcoming Street Fighter V which just launched its cinematic trailer this week ahead of releasing in February. That said, the show will serve as a prologue to the game, taking place ten years after the precedent-setting events in the 2014 hit webseries feature, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist which starred its director, Joey Ansah along with Mike Moh and Christian Howard, both who are back to reprise their roles once more.

The images and details are few with more than a month before Street Fighter: Resurrection premieres, but with post-production heavily underway, Ansah has just shared a new BTS image celebrating picture lock, with Moussi in a fresh new image as the undead Charlie Nash. Check out Ansah's latest photos with SFAF and SFR editor Oliver Parker included in his announcement:
I'm pleased to announce that tonight we reached picture lock on 'Street Fighter: Resurrection' after an exhausting 4 weeks in the offline edit. It has been a pleasure collaborating once more with my very talented  SFAF editor: Oliver Parker. I can't imagine cutting any future SF film adventures without him! Onto the next phases of Post production!~ Joey Ansah
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