Frank D'Angelo Turns Bloodsucker In New Gangster Horror Thriller, SICILIAN VAMPIRE

Director Frank D'Angelo's latest venture into the supernatural with Sicilian Vampire comes on the heels of its film festival circulation last year. It's the fourth feature film from D'Angelo who hails from Canada where he wears different hats, including radio host and musician, here and now starring as a mafioso whose family getaway sees him turning into an evil bloodsucker.

Fans of low-budget horror lore can expect this one to be released soon as per its most recent announcement. A trailer is already viral as of last year but you can check it out now below this week's press release to satisfy your curiousity.
TORONTO, Jan. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - The news was just released that Frank D'Angelo's feature film Sicilian Vampire will have its theatrical release in Canada and USA at the end of February, with Europe soon to follow.

"Everybody has been asking when Sicilian Vampire is coming to theatres" says Frank D'Angelo. "The film has only been shown at film festivals and it's been the most talked about film everywhere. The anticipation from the public to see this movie in theatres is overwhelming." Written, directed and produced by Frank D'Angelo, Sicilian Vampire stars notable actors James Caan, Daryl Hannah, Paul Sorvino, Robert Loggia, Armand Assante, Robert Davi, Michael Paré, Eric Roberts, Daniel Baldwin, Tony Nardi and Frank D'Angelo.

Sicilian Vampire is equal parts Goodfellas and Dusk till Dawn. It tells the story of reputed mobster Sonny Trafficante who was hoping to get away to the family hunting lodge for a little rest and relaxation and create some memories. Instead, what he got was a night he will never forget in a story which takes us on a whirlwind journey of action, suspense and drama that can only come from the mind of Frank D'Angelo.

Frank D'Angelo has written, produced, directed and acted in four feature films in the last three years and is now in the postproduction stage of his fifth film The Red Maple Leaf. As one of his most ambitious projects to date, the film is dedicated to Robert Loggia, as it was the last film the actor starred in along with other astounding Oscar-winning and nominated cast members including Martin Landau, James Caan, Mira Sorvino, Kris Kristofferson, Paul Sorvino, Laurie Fortier, Frank D'Angelo and many others. D'Angelo's earlier films include No Deposit (a story about a family man, who falls from grace through a series of downward spiraling events beyond his control), has been in theatres throughout North America and is available on Video-on-Demand. Another, The Big Fat Stone (a story of a homeless man who, simply by being at the right place at the right time, gets a chance at a new life), is now on VOD worldwide. His first film, Real Gangsters (the story of the Lo Giacomo family, one of the most successful crime syndicates in New York City), is currently in worldwide release through Video-on-Demand networks.

The success of the films has also spurred a national Canadian concert tour for Frank D'Angelo where he performs along with his 15-piece band, songs from the soundtracks of his movies which he wrote and scored. Tour dates and venues are available at

Frank D'Angelo is a screen writer, director, actor, musician and Canadian talk show host. As a performer, he knew there was a big void in Canada for Canadians to promote their talents and so he created The Being Frank Show, a nationally broadcast late night talk/variety show. It has boasted guests and show business luminaries such as Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Tony Bennett, Graham Greene, Bill Fichtner, Kim Coates, Estella Warren, Bai Ling, Reggae Rapper Snow, Pavlo, Dan Hill, Ian Thomas, Murray McLauchlan, Missi Pyle, Kevin Hearn of The Barenaked Ladies and many, many more. The Being Frank Show has just completed taping its 6th season.


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