FIST OF JESUS Answers Your Prayers On DVD This Month!

Spanish filmmakers David Munoz and Adrian Cardona have been working toward a feature film extension of their 2012 shortfilm hit, Fist Of Jesus. Marc Velasco leads the cast in the title role for a twisted and comically violent tale of biblical proportions, and not for nothing either as its rightly earned dozens of film festival accolades in North America, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands among other places.

Time will tell where feature film efforts will lead them as the title itself, Once Upon A Time In Jerusalem seems very fitting - a spoof on a popular tale of a religious figure using any and all weapons he can erect to battle zombified villagers and Roman soldiers sounds just like the kind of things horror and film buffs alike may go for on top of whatever else lies in store. Nonetheless, with the official short already online, the official website is offering consumers a chance to purchase a DVD copy, as well as a DVD combo kit packed with a slew of artwork and up to 80 minutes of content to boot.

CLICK HERE to check out the details and get your copy starting this month, and let's hope that it hasn't been too long for a chance to see the Son of God himself save the world and open a can of holy whoopass.


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