Catch A Teaser For Vietnamese Heist Flick, BITCOIN HEIST

Arriving on January 29 in time for Tet is Hollow helmer Ham Tran's latest, Siêu Trộm - a.k.a. Bitcoin Heist. Prominently starring actress Veronica Ngo with model and co-star Nhung Kate and hip-hop Suboi among its cast, a teaser can be found online as of last November host to a sample of some nice action and glitz with a dash of silly to spare for a film aiming to stand out a bit more from the usual comedies and dramas as of late.

In the world of super-technical criminals, a hacker named Phantom has created software that can lock the computer’s hard drive and force the victim used to pay a ransom in Bitcoins. 
Da Da, a reconnaissance task, is directed to cooperate with the International Federation of Interpol and police task force in Vietnam to catch ghosts. 
Da Da secretly assembles a group of thieves: a magician (Magic Jack), a master of disguise (Luhan), a tiny sports athlete (Linh), a hacker (Vy), and a man providing information (Phuc) working for Phantom. But Phantom is always one step ahead. The chase between cat and mouse ensues with unexpected situations to captivate the audience to discover the Phantom and capture the Bitcoin.

Ngo herself is expected to keep busy this year as well so we'll be looking forward to more of what she has to offer. In the meantine, Check out the teaser for Bitcoin Heist in the player below and stay tuned should another trailer pop up.


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