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Monday, November 30, 2015

The New Trailer Tease For BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Leaves A Hero Unmasked!

Consider tonight as one of those rare occasions I post a trailer teaser to a film, which happens to be exactly the case with the new sneak peek for Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Opening on March 25, 2016, the film is the next pivotal page turner for Warner Bros. as it aims for a sprawling and epic cinematic universe that can match or top that of Disney's work with Marvel.

THE HIT LIST - November 30, 2015

My Thanksgiving weekend almost tempted me to opt out of putting together another Hit List! What can I say, it was fun to unplug and I'll probably do more of that in the near future. In the meantime, a new installment is here for the week with a great deal of stunt reels and just a few shortfilms and test fights to share...

A Love Story Written In Violence In The New Trailer For Rohit Shetty's DILWALE

Golmaal and Singham franchise helmer Rohit Shetty is back with a new romantic action comedy thriller, Dilwale. Shetty reunites with leading man Shah Rukh Khan following the 2013 film Chennai Express with a story that otherwise promises Hindi audiences a nicely packaged story of song and dance, goofy laughs and romance, and a useful serving of blazing gun battles and punches to the face for good measure.

CREED: Still A 'Rocky' Movie, But Packs A Punch All Its Own

Today's age of remakes and reboots is not without its share of criticisms. Some fans are hardliners and purists about their favorite franchises and largely choose not to have them reobserved in any way shape or fashion, which can both be a good and a bad thing despite many opinions. For the instance of the launch of the next installation of the Rocky saga, Creed, this is most certainly a good thing, notwithstanding its explosive opening weekend at the box office. The film takes its cues directly from that of its predecessors with a new face on the frontline and it does so in a way that respects its origins with an adherance to substance over style and a look ready to engage a new era of moviegoers.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

ONCE UPON A TIME IN SHANGHAI: A Renewed Kung Fu Tale With A New Face For Kung Fu Fans

Actor Philip Ng is currently bound for what's sure to be a breakout role as the legendary marital artist and film star, Bruce Lee in director George Nolfi's new film, Birth Of The Dragon. In the meantime, Ng has definitely left an impression on fans of the martial arts genre with a career in which he's worn several hats, including the stunt department. It's a career that otherwise lined-up a very opportune moment for Ng in the role of the classic Chinese hero, Ma Yongzhen in director Wong Ching-Po's 2014 film, Once Upon A Time In Shanghai.

YOU CAN'T HEAR ME, YOU CAN'T SEE ME, But You Can Do Both With A Ten Second Teaser Clip From The New Action Short!

With Street Society helmer Awi Suryadi and actor and martial artist Andrew Suleiman still working the festival rounds with their latest Holy Bastards proof short, You Can't Hear Me, You Can't See Me, I'm guessing we are not too far off from its online release. As for what that means for its feature film prospects, I am uncertain, although the short itself guarantees something particularly fun for fans of the genre, and I've said that many times in the past year and a half I've discussed it.

ZHONG KUI: SNOW GIRL &THE DARK CRYSTAL: A CG-Enhanced Love Story That Will Leave You Soul-Searching

I choose to believe that better days are ahead for CG in Asian cinema. For now, what we get is a mixed-bag in at least one particular entry into fantasy wuxia with Zhao Tianyu's latest, Zhong Kui: Snow Girl & The Dark Crystal, yet another foray into Chinese folklore that boldly goes all-in on visual spectacle to encompass its epic scope. It's a noteworthy effort but it's not without its stumbles.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Get Another Close Up Of Our Killer Villains In The Upcoming Short, ZAMBO DENDE!

Director Riccardo Gabrielli R.'s superhero action short, Zambo Dende, is still in post production with a trailer arriving between now and early next month. In the meantime hopefully you've kept up in the last year or more since this project started taking shape as it advances the prospects of a Latin American superhero entering the arena of today's saturated market laden with comic book movie fandom.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Get A Kick Out Of The New Teaser For KICKBOXER: VENGEANCE!

With the promise of a sequel already in play, director John Stockwell's latest induction into the reboot category with Kickboxer: Vengeance is on deck for a release in 2016. The film is still in post production with the forthcoming acting debut of stuntman and martial artist Alain Moussi who reprises the role of Kurt Sloan, as previously legendary film star Jean-Claude Van Damme who joins in as the master who trains Kurt to avenge his brother's death at the hands and knees of the vicious Muay Thai fighter, Tong Po, now played by Dave Bautista.

Over 100 Set Photos And 20 Minutes Of Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Pedring Lopez's New Action Horror, NILALANG

Director Pedring Lopez's latest action horror thriller, Nilalang, remains on deck for a similataneous local release on December 25 coinciding with this year's Metro Manila Film Festival installation. In the meantime, the promotional campaign continues for what looks to be deemed as a reinforcing milestone for former adult entertainer Maria Ozawa who is journeying toward a more career centric on serious roles.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Pits Heroes Against Heroes In The New Teaser!

With friends like these, who needs enemies? I suppose we'll learn more by 2019 after the Infinity War erupts for the Avengers end of the MCU, but for now we have what's coming to us in the latest installment of the Marvel movie saga, Captain America: Civil War.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

REEDEMER Gets A Homecoming Release For Its Star!

I can't say much on why it took so long for Chile to finally get a release for director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza's most recent martial arts action thriller, Redeemer. Nevertheless, the film finally has a release set for December 3, and hopefully Chileans have taken heed to the good press this film has already gotten since its Fantastic Fest debut late last year.

Tom Cruise To Rediscover THE MUMMY For Universal

Universal Pictures has been keen on reamping its Monsterverse for a while now, with particular respect to last year's origin thriller, Dracula Untold with Luke Evans. Since then the studio had already begun developing a reboot of The Mummy apart from its preceding trilogy which starred Brendan Fraser, with Chris Morgan joining fellow producer Alex Kurtzman who will also direct the reboot.

Marvel Officially Announces Principal Photography On DOCTOR STRANGE

The next phase of the Marvel craze is already upon us with Captain America: Civil War on track for May of next year among other titles forthcoming. Hardcore comic book geeks can pretty much figure out what's left after this but the journey is finally beginning with an official announcement from Marvel regarding principal photography on Doctor Strange which releases a little less than a year from now.

Warner Bros. Adavances WHITE KNIGHT With Scott Cooper In Talks To Direct

Deadline reports that Crazy Heart and Out Of The Furnace helmer Scott Cooper is well on the way to board a potential franchise launcher, White Knight, for Warner Bros. The studio is reportedly advancing the film in the vein of Bourne and 007 with a plot that centers on a disgraced secret service agent hired to protect the family of an arms dealer only to find himself at the center of a global CIA manhunt.

Alexander Nevsky's BLACK ROSE Buds With Exclusive New Photos!

With debut director and rising action star Alexander Nevsky (Moscow Heat, Treasure Raiders) fresh from the successful market sales of his 2014 overseas hit, Black Rose, release dates remain pending for 17 countries around the world. The film represents the next stage of Nevsky's career ascension stemming from his successes in Russia as a three-time Mr. Universe winner before establishing himself as a notable film producer, and with particular adherance to a certain goal.

Monday, November 23, 2015

THE HIT LIST - November 23, 2015

So I pretty much spent my weekend doubling down on a serious Netflix binge. It was a necessary evil though, so I'm sure it'll benefit me sometime in the not-too-distant future after this. In the meantime, I've gotten a few goodies together for this week's Hit List which I've just edited at the last minute for your viewing pleasure.

DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Gets A Futuristic First Look Through Time In A New Promo

Guaranteed whatever timeline you follow within the CW's establishment of DC Comics properties, DC's Legends Of Tomorrow reassures a great time for superhero fandom on television. We gained an extensive glimpse into the show back in May and with that footage now offline, the network has officially unveiled new footage showcasing what's in store.

Big Guns, Bill Goldberg And Many Points In The New Trailer For CHECK POINT

Director Thomas J. Churchill's latest, Check Point, has already made a few rounds at Comic-Con in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is now rolling out its official trailer for the public to see. I haven't seen former wrestler-turned-actor Bill Goldberg in a while so it's nice to see him back on screen along with the likes of actress Michelle Lee and William Forsythe.

Netflix's DAREDEVIL And JESSICA JONES: A Convoluted Saga That Keeps You Curious

My weekend got pretty serious making my personal Netflix binge-watching debut with two Marvel series titles. Daredevil premiered back in April and just this weekend followed by this week's opening of Jessica Jones, both inspired by Marvel and sharing the same universal space as the current theatrical branch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eddie Peng Headlines Derek Kwok's BIOGRAPHY OF WUKONG For 2017

With the ancient mythology of Wu Cheng'en's "Journey To The West" taking precedent in Chinese cinema as of late, Full Strike helmer Derek Kwok is putting forth his own work on a new live-action adaptation of the same narrative. This time, its Biography Of Wukong with Rise Of The Legend and Unbeatable star Eddie Peng starring in the title from Kwok's own script, based on the 2004 publication, Wukong Chuan from author Jin He Zai.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Vin Diesel Announces A Fourth RIDDICK Film And TV Series, FURIA

Go back as far as 2013 in lieu of actor Vin Diesel's then-forthcoming sci-fi follow-up, Riddick, and you'll read good and plenty about all that was hyped for the future of the franchise stemming from the 2000 film, Pitch Black. Director David Twohy has been with the franchise ever since then, even having written and directed the last two, with Riddick gracefully earning over $98 million dollars after The Chronicles Of Riddick flopped in 2004.

Producer Ed Pressman Confirms THE CROW Production Next Year

Relativity Media LLC is still on the mend after taking a slow and steady U-turn from bankruptcy in the past several months, and with that, they've managed to get back on track with some of their projects. One such project that's been waiting in the wings thusfar is the reboot of the 1994 film, The Crow, which has seen more than its share of stops and starts since efforts began in 2008 and is on track to roll cameras in March next year.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Is Jeeja Yanin Joining HARD TARGET 2?

An undisclosed period of time has since otherwise confirmed that actor and action star Scott Adkins will be leading The Admiral helmer Roel Reine's latest, Hard Target 2. There are currently no plot details as of yet aside from its shared roots with its 1993 predecessor having starred Jean-Claude Van Damme and acclaimed filmmaker John Woo at the helm, though it's fairly nice to know that more information about it is now coming to pass.

Is A WOLF WARRIOR Sequel Coming?

If you didn't mind contributing to the blockbuster success or nationalistic fervor of Wu Jing's solo directorial debut, Wolf Warrior back in Spring, then you will be happy to learn that a sequel is now on the way. Asian Film Strike is now buzzing that Wu will return to direct as well as star alongside actress Yu Nan once more with action choreographer Li Chung-Chi likely to return to direct the action.

WONDER WOMAN Gets A New Image With Filming Now Underway

With director Zack Snyder honing in on his superhero movie-making skills for the next several years on with the Justice League films, he'll be among several directors now embodying the formula to accumulate the long-awaited DC Cinematic Universe following Man Of Steel. That said, there's plenty to look forward to from Warner Bros. with more Batman movies and so on, but it IS high time that our own Gal Gadot will be getting her day on the big screen this coming March in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice as Wonder Woman.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Marko Zaror's REDEEMER 『ザ・リディーマー』Gets A Japan DVD Release Date

Strictly for the fans in Japan, Ernesto Diaz Espinoza's latest revenge thriller, Redeemer 『ザ・リディーマー』, is heading to DVD and digital on February 3, and the trailer arrived this week. Action star Marko Zaror is a man on a spiritual mission to test his will to live through acts of vigilantism, to which an array of explosive action and martial arts sequences ensue, and much to our delight!

Watch The First Trailer For CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE Starring Kevin Hart And Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!

Pitting two bankable film stars in the same movie is one thing, but just what exactly does one look like with actors Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? Well, for starters, director Rawson Marshall Thurber has an answer to that which begins with the newest trailer for the upcoming action comedy, Central Intelligence, with a plot that surely flips the script, shoots it, crashes into it and throws it out the damn window. Screaming.

Christopher McQuarrie On Track To Write And Direct Sixth MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Film

It was back in the summer that actor Tom Cruise went public with the news of an upcoming sixth installation of the Mission: Impossible franchise now in development. That update came in the good graces of this summer's box office hit, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, which accumulated nearly $700 million dollars following its July 31 release, and not for nothing either.

It's A War Of Words And Wing Chun In The New Trailer For IP MAN 3

With the promise of a January 22 release of director Wilson Yip's Ip Man 3 in the U.S., folks in Hong Kong and China aren't too far off with film getting its day a month earlier this Christmas. Alas, this week's new trailer for the film comes just at the right time, and it may very well just be action star Donnie Yen's last foray in kung fu cinema, though time will tell if that changes.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pierce Brosnan Joins Jackie Chan In Martin Campbell's Latest From STX And SR Media

It's a busy Fall season for action star Jackie Chan in the wake of promoting his newest globetrotting comedy, Skiptrace, with his Abu Dhabi-set Kung Fu Yoga and Ding Sheng's Railroad Tigers still on deck. However, chances are he'll be well onto director Martin Campbell's forthcoming production soon enough with Campbell to begin Relativity's Hunter Killer next Spring.

EXTRACTION Delivers A Swift Kick To The Guts In The New Trailer!

December 18 is going to be one crowded day at the movies with so many titles to choose from. However, if you haven't had a plate-full by then and have a little more room left, Steven C. Miller's new action thriller, Extraction, ought to help hit the spot...you know, like a superman punch to the face or a swift kick to the sternum. Or something.

F*ck The Rules! Watch The Explosive New Teaser For Kellie Madison's THE GATE!

Strange things happen when The Raid 2 co-star Cecep Arif Rahman gets angry. But does actress and martial artist Amy Johnston care? Nope, she just goes all in with kicks to the face of anyone who gets in her way!

Andrey Kravchuk's Trailer For VIKING Is An Opus Of Fire, Blood And Warfare

You have to give it to director Andrey Kravchuk this week. Having been in development for a few years and finally making sales rounds this past Spring and Summer, his latest endeavor, Viking is garnering some heavy attention ahead of its December 22 release in Russia next year.

Sam Riley Joins Rupert Sanders's Manga/Anime Adap, GHOST IN THE SHELL

It's no easy thing to deal with a Hollywood adaptation of a beloved Japanese animated property and such a case includes the latest developments surrounding Snow White & The Huntsman helmer Rupert Sanders's latest, Ghost In The Shell. The brouhaha hasn't really settled since actress Scarlett Johansson was cast for the lead role which happens to be Japanese with an associated name based on the classic anime, and with filming set for New Zealand, further casting announcements are being made that stray farther from the Japan setting in the preceding manga and anime.

Indie Fight Drama, ENTER THE CAGE, Gets A Festive Pound-For-Pound Teaser

Just a year off of his latest award-winning Cannes favorite, The Eleventh Hour, director K. John McDonagh is back with his newest independent fight flick, Enter The Cage. Filming began back in the Summer with actor, P.K.A. Middleweight Champion and stunt coordinator, Dean "Crazy Legs" Williams leading the cast following earlier crowdfunding efforts while photography expected to continue between now and next year upon its release.

Watch Harrison Ford Make Fans Cry And Enter To Win Tickets For An Early Screening Of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!

Forget the TV spots if you will, lest you spoil yourself with too much footage what with a month left before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The promotion team is launching a campaign for select winners to win four tickets to see an early premiere and you learn more about it at the official non-profit charity platform, Omaze.com, current home of the "Force For Change" campaign.

Iko Uwais Goes To Work In A New Action Still From HEADSHOT

The current production of the new Indonesian action thriller, Headshot, still has about a month left, but directors Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel are gracing fans through social media with several raw pics and stills of the production. The latest one, however, lends us a glimpse into the upcoming film's action sequences hosted by lead actor Iko Uwais and his premiere troupe, Uwais Team, with the crew having completed one of its first action scenes just last week.

THE MONKEY KING 2 Gets Its First Teaser!

It's great to see that director Soi Cheang's return to the helm for next year's 3D endeavor, The Monkey King 2, only took two years to arrive. The fact that the first film became such a box office hit in 2014 undoubtedly plays a role in that, but with its initial actor, Donnie Yen out of the picture, it's returning actor Aaron Kwok, no longer the Bull Demon King he was but now in costume as our title hero based on Chinese folklore.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Watch The Official Green-Band Trailer For Henry Rollins's HE NEVER DIED

Director Jason Krawczyk's new horror comedy, He Never Died, has plenty to feed off of from its residual acclaim following SXSW earlier this year. It's finally making its way to theaters on December 18 following earlier crowdfunding efforts which are currently on-going, although to that effect, we now have a work-safe trailer which grants us all the same - a carnivorous, cantankerous and brazen badass character in actor Henry Rollins who finds a new lease on other than at the bottom of a bottle sitting at Bingo.

Well Go USA's MOJIN: THE LOST LEGEND, Scores A U.S. Trailer

Formerly titled The Ghouls, director Wuershan's latest, Mojin: The Lost Legend has an official U.S. trailer out this week. You can pretty much guess where this adventure goes judging by its artwork or its initial teasers and trailers, and that's not to take away from the spectacular visuals and scope we get in turn. Plus the sight of actress Shu Qi leading the cast is always an endearing one.

THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR Is No Kids' Fairy Tale. Watch The Trailer!

Monday's character posters for Cedric Nicolas-Troyan's The Huntsman: Winter's War, were all the hint we needed in learning just how this latest derivative take on childhood folklore would look, aside from its trailer tease on Tuesday. Today, we get a full on trailer and not for nothing either with sweeping views of a kingdom rife with luster and beauty, suddenly overcome by looming darkness and evil by two evil sisters, and with Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain as our only hope for salvation; considering how action-packed and electrifying it looks, I'd say I'm pretty sold on this.

ZOOLANDER 2 Gets A Trailer With More Magnum And Blue Steel. And Justin Bieber Dying.

To think there was once a time that a film like Zoolander would only appeal as somewhat an awkward and goofy comedy, is pretty much the antithesis of its box office success. For that you have to give it to actor and director Ben Stiller who, after fifteen years of containing museum exhibits, 'Fockers' and a secret life, is finally back with Zoolander 2, now with even more left-turning and mopey faced Stiller as he and Owen Wilson try to stave off death by old age, ugly looks and bad fashion.

Watch The New Promo For ABC's AGENT CARTER

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe now venturing into its third phase and Netflix still heating things up, it's only fair our heroes in ABC's Agent Carter get the same growth. Hayley Atwell wholly steals the screen in the title role for the first film and its subsequent show, and nearly in the same capacity on social media throwing Dubsmash jabs at her fellow Marvel ilk between Comic-Con appearances and such, so it's safe to say Marvel's made the right decision here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Keanu Reeves Throws Down In NYC's Chinatown Set For JOHN WICK 2

Splash News has gone viral with some behind-the-scenes footage for director Chad Stahelski's new sequel, John Wick 2. Photos have already begun surfacing which offers a good signal boost for the film's social media prospects with fans tweeting sightings of its star actor Keanu Reeves from the various sets and locales of New York City.

Amy Johnston Conquers The Devil In A New Banner Image For THE GATE

Post production is well underway and so fans are much closer to a teaser for director Kellie Madison's latest crowdfunding success, The Gate. On that note, we now turn to a new image below of actress and martial artist Amy Johnston who stars in Madison's upcoming nine-minute proof pitch for the networks ahead of 2016.

INTO THE BADLANDS: A Badass New Beginning For Martial Arts Television

Well over a year past the start of any and all hype for director David Dobkin's latest serial contribution, Into The Badlands, I have to say it's hugely deserved. The show just premiered on Sunday with releases online via its home network at AMC and in the UK via Amazon and while it twists a bit of the few historical elements that make it relevant to its earlier reported narrative tied to Chinese mythology, you still get a show with a pretty solid theme and great action to boot.

KICKBOXER: RETALIATION To Follow Suit For Moussi's 'Vengeance'

Well the jury is still out on how In The Blood helmer John Stockwell's latest, Kickboxer: Vengenace will bode for fans of the classic martial arts franchise. However, that hasn't staved off any expectations of there being a sequel with debut actor Alain Moussi posting about it via Facebook.

Roar Uthaug Lands The TOMB RAIDER Reboot

Left: Anders Flatland; Right: Square Enix
And so it is - With the Tomb Raider reboot in development as of the last five years, the film finally found a director in The Wave helmer, Norwegian filmmaker Roar Uthaug according to THR. It's a step forward for MGM and Warner Bros. following Graham King's GK Films's acquiring the property from Square Enix in 2011, with this now marking Uthaug's English-language debut.

GODS OF EGYPT Gets A Trailer Full Of British Accents And Some White People. And Chadwick Boseman.

Director Alex Proyas's latest, Gods Of Egypt is poised for a February 26, 2016 release which is just three months away. Reasonably that means its time to get the promotional campaign going and so it's off to the races as of last week when posters started going viral.