Wage MARIO WARFARE Online Right Now In Its Full Feature Glory

Three years after beginning their journey into Nintendo's longstanding staple with the fan-driven live-action webseries, Mario Warfare, the folks at Beat Down Boogie have officially released a feature-length cut of the series you can now view below. Actors Matthew Sumner and Jarod Kearney lead the cast for director Micah Moore's indie spoof of gaming lore with Alena Koch and Brian Lee as our heroes work to defend the mushroom kingdom against Bowser and his army.

Bowser's airship fleet wreaks havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom. The King is missing, presumed dead. The princess is on the run. A couple of plumbers answer the call of duty and sign up to fight. Now Mario, Luigi, and a team of old school video game characters are thrown into the gritty new world of first person shooters.
This one's been a journey for the cast and crew with director Micah Moore at the helm. As a webseries once upon a time, the project has seen its share of trial and error between filming all the episodes in the last several years to make the series what it is now, and if you once contributed to their kickstarter campaign, chances are you probably already own a DVD copy.

Nonetheless, the film edition is now online, chalk full of video game favorites, action, espionage, and probably the most badass version of beloved characters you'll ever see. Enjoy the film!


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