Tom Welling To Save The World In SECTION 13 For CBS

I haven't seen all the seasons of the hit show, Smallville, but coming from comic book fandom with the show's 10-season run, it's clearly done justice for its then-star Tom Welling. The show ended in 2011 while the actor went onto other endeavors but now it looks like he's working his way back to television bound for his new home at CBS.

Deadline reports this week that the network is developing the new action series, Section 13 with Bones and Home and Away scribe Carla Kettner writing. Welling will play a former black-ops specialist-turned-private contractor who endures a personal tragedy and subsequently becomes a member of covert organization that takes on dangerous high-stakes missions.

More details are needed but this sounds like a fun show to look forward to. Here's to an excellent transition from Kryptonian exile to something much more gritter and brutal for Welling in the business of action on TV in the months ahead.


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